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What Is This?

The short is: my webpage.
The long is: my public creative contribution to the cluttered mass of bytes that is the web.

Who Are You?

My Nom de Net is Ravan Asteris. I live in Silicon Valley (San Jose, CA, to be exact) and I do this for fun, education, and sometimes for pay.

Why So Much Diverse Stuff?

What can I say? My interests are diverse. Hopefully I've managed to organize things so that they are findable. I do try to add and/or update a page or subpage once a week (more or less...). Do stop by occasionally.


Do you attend SF&F, pagan, or hobby conventions? Do you value your privacy and the right to be anonymous?
If you do, I suggest that you read this and make noise to your favorite convention committee before they instutionalize invasive registration practices.

You can send me e-mail at

ravan2007 at asteris dot org (remember to check the address for spamblocking)
# OR #
Add your name to my erzatz mailing list


I took the
Pledge - www.firstamendment.org    [Safe and Free: Safe and Free: Safe and Free in Times of Crisis]


Animated GIFs and link banners:
Many of these GIFs are borrowed! If I know the artists name, it's part of the file name. Links to other sites have the banners provided by the site owners. If you own a gif on this site that you feel is improperly credited, email me!
Backgrounds & Lines:
My own distortion/recoloring of some of the MicroSloth textures, or made from scratch.
Other Gifs:
The non-animated gifs and jpgs are my own - they're crude looking, but they work. Hey, basic line drawings aren't hard... neither are scanned pictures, cleaned up and changed. Just tedious. If you want to use one, just ask. The only one I'm really snarky about is the diamond logo gif.

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