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This page is for non-Diamond Trad information and commentary. Items for this page are intended to be of some interest to the community at large, rather than just my tradition. Look for announcements, commentary (read opinion), and other random pagan stuff here.

Please note: neo-pagan != "wicca". It can (and does) include wicca, but the term "[Ww]icca" IS NOT a generic descriptor for the neopagan religions. Asatru, Druidism, Diamond and others do not appreciate being labelled as "wiccan" when we are not.


See Ravan's Ravings #1: Neopagan != Wicca. Yes, I'm always ravin' about something... (also published as an essay on The Witches Voice website.)

Now there is Ravan's Ravings #2: The Religious Reich and Pagan Pacifism in the US, and Ravan's Ravings #3: The Insanity Offense .

Ravan's Ravings #4: Religion and Schools

Now up!! Ravan's Ravings #5: Marriage, Religion and Government (originally published on my blogger blog)

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  • Further information:

    A recently updated FAQ about Witchcraft, Wicca, and Paganism can be found on the Witches Voice website.

    More links of interest to the community can be found on my Pagan Links Page

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