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The Religious Reich and Pagan Pacifism in the US

The Constitution Under Assault

Between the diatribes of Bob Barr and Strom Thurmond, the "pronouncements" of Baby George Bush and various elected or candidate personages, the nearly treasonous activities of congress, the calls by evangelical slime to dissolve the wall between church and state (and "return" Christianity to government), one would think that the Constitution was being used by these people as toilet paper!

Don't these jerks read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Do they really think that the religious freedom, separation of church and state, and freedom of speech bits only apply when it's convenient for their perverted brands of Christianity? They've shredded the Fourth amendment (search and seizure - the whole civil asset forfeiture abomination). They've gutted the Second Amendment and are performing further amputations without anesthetic even as I type. They repeatedly try to censor the net and ban encryption, making the First amendment a joke, all in the name of "god" and "for the children". The provision of "no religious test for office" has been rendered a farce by people who judge someone more on what religion they "profess" and what services they attend that by what they actually DO!

Then the little turds in the House vote in the dead of night to have Judaic law (the "Ten Commandments" or "Decalogue") posted in classrooms. Thief in the night indeed! If they wanted to post a moral code in the classroom, how about one that has parallels in most of the world's religions - the "Golden Rule" and the variants found in at least seven other religions? Oh, no, that wouldn't be "strict" enough, and just might encourage "moral relativism" and other things frowned upon by their leash holders in the Religious Reich!

What Does That Have To With Paganism?

Everything! Every right, privilege, and protection that is stripped from our laws by stealth and subterfuge is just one more log on the fire for witch burning! The protections embedded in the Constitution are designed to protect minorities against the tyranny of the "majority", or even the apparent majority. They are designed to leave individuals free to pursue happiness in whatever way they wish, so long as they do not interfere with others. The founders of the United States deliberately provided for the protection of religious and philosophical minorities from the crushing weight of a government in thrall to social control freaks.

Our freedom to assemble, worship, work, shop, and even talk to each other rests firmly in the Constitution, including the means to fight to keep it, as needed. If the erosion of fundamental Constitutional protections, even those that we don't think we need, does not alarm us, we need to take a very long, hard look at the descent of various countries into dictatorship and police state: Germany in the 1930s, for example.

But The Rede Says Harm None... Pagans Are Pacifists... NOT!

Tell Boudicca that pagans are "pacifists", that's why she fought the Romans even though it was a hopeless cause. Tell the ancient Vikings that they should lay down like slaves to the dictates of tyrants. Tell Mars and Ares that they are gods of "peace" and "love". Tell Thor that his hammer is only for pounding nails and forging slave chains for his followers.

Every time some "pagan" comes off with the Wiccan Rede as a justification for letting someone walk all over them and theirs I want to puke. They refuse to stand up for what they believe in, by word or deed, but they are very ready to whine when their rights get trampled. These are the kind of people who think that simple guns are too "dangerous" for ordinary people to own, but are perfectly willing to have the government and the police carry them around with impunity, and wield them at will, enforcing laws bought and paid for by the religious reich and other control freak lobbists and their masters. Yet these same people will whine to everyone in sight when their athames are confiscated because they are "dangerous weapons".

What To Do....

There is more, I'm sure, that you can think of yourself. Freedom will only last as long as there are those who will value it and defend it.

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