~~ Social Issues ~~

This page is dedicated to discussions and links regarding what I consider to be the Social Issues that seriously affect our very lives.

A vital issue, and a terrifying comparison: When Democracy Failed Please take note of this!!

Things happen every day that send shivers through the fabric of rational society. Fanaticism, hate, senseless violence - all of these threaten to take our normally calm lives and turn them into a waking nightmare. Because these things can cost us in blood and suffering, this page is written in blood red.

The links on this page point to either lives that have been dragged into the nightmare, the people with the claws that threaten to drag us in, or the events that can turn out lives upside down.

The commentary is my own, or otherwise attributed. Also, this page is a "work in progress", and I will be updating it as I have the time. If you know of link that make sense for some of the categories here, let me know.




Anti-Gay Rhetoric
  • Anti-Homosexual Religious Pressure
  • Anti-Gay Rights Political Drumbeating
  • Anti-"Faggot" Spew
  • God Hates Fags Website
  • => Gay Bashing
  • The murder of Mat Shepard
  • GLB Hate Crimes facts
  • Gay Teen Suicide Stats
  • Anti-Abortion (so called "Right to Life") Rhetoric
  • Anti-Planned Parenthood Rhetoric
  • Clinic Murderers
  • War Against Abortion Ravings
  • => Clinic Violence
  • Clinic Violence Reports
  • Clinic Violence, Intimidation and Terrorism
  • Abortion Clinic Violence - MSNBC
  • Religious Intolerance and Fundamentalism
  • Anti-Muslim Rhetoric
  • Radical Fundamentalism and Anti-Semitism
  • Anti-"New Age" Hyperbole
  • Anti-Semitic Rhetoric
  • => Minority Religion Persecution
    So Called "Family Values" Rhetoric => Persecution of Non-Traditional Families
    Child abuse in the "Name of God"
    Racial Bigotry => Racial Hate Crimes
    Racial Discrimination
    Misogyny and Misandry
  • Anti-Feminist Sermonizing
  • Anti-19th Amendment Spew
  • Fundamentalist Anti-Woman Preaching
  • => Spousal abuse
    Gender based hate crime
    Workplace discrimination
    Anti-"Satan" Rhetoric & Pagan Bashing
  • The "Perilous" Times
    The SAY NO TO WITCHCRAFT Campaign & Pledge!
  • => Satanic Panic
  • The West Memphis Three
  • The McMartin Preschool Case
  • Note:
    The inclusion of links in the "Causes" section is not intended to imply that the owner of the link is directly responsible for the event in the "Effects" section. Rather, the "Causes" are presented as an example of the type of rhetoric that leads to an environment in which the "Effects" shown occur.

    If you feel that your link is misrepresented here, well, you can try writing to me and telling me why you think so. This does not mean I will agree with you, or that I will change my page.

    The opinions expressed in the links are those of the authors. The opinions expressed by their placement on this page and the commentary about them are mine.

    Other Stuff

    Disaster preparedness from a pagan perspective.

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