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Don't look so shocked. I, an adult well over 30, play role playing games, both "stat" and "non-stat". I use dice, character sheets, or whatever, and play with other adults. (Kids like a different kind of game...) Not only that, I like it.

I'm also not the only one. The net has a very lively gamer community, and even a web site or ten thousand. Check out Game Green for the lastest gaming news.


Two words: Stress Relief. I can do to a faceless bad guy in neverneverland what I can't do to the idiots that get in my face in real life. Besides, even at $25 a pop, gaming books are cheaper than psychotherapy or psychoactive drugs.

Isn't it unreal, vicarious living?

Yep. And that's the beauty of it. The only place it happens isn't real. Sure, your character description sheet says you've got an UZI and a couple cases of ammo. You can't be busted for it in the real world. You can experiment with different attitudes, styles, and environments. Always wanted to be a filthy rich jet setter? Try on the life in a game, it's cheap.

Also, many people try on new attitudes and mannerisms in a game that they are considering for real life. Like trying on clothes in a store, you don't have to "buy" it if it doesn't "fit". Some people even take their ideas and dreams, and act them out in a game as a method of encouraging themselves to act to make them real. Star Trek games are a fertile ground for this, as are Superhero type games.

But some people don't come back to reality!

You're right. Some don't. On the other hand, it's debatable whether they were truly acqainted with reality to begin with. An RPG that becomes a complete surrogate for reality is no longer fun. RPGs are ESCAPE and RELAXATION - not a substitute for real life. They are like taking a break at work, reading a book, knitting, gardening, whatever. If they completely dominate your life, then you need to diversify your interests a LOT more (and maybe see a shrink.)

So what games do you play?

A lot. It varies with how much time I have. Here are some...

  • Champions
  • AD&D
  • Gamma World
  • Traveller
  • Cyberpunk
  • Shadowrun
  • Play by E-Mail Star Trek

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