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Recipes For Survival Food

I did not compile this list on my own. They are assembled from submissions by various authors. To submit a recipe, go to Recipe Form

Name: Cory Hamasaki
E-mail: kiyoinc at ibm.XOUT.net

Recipe Title: Seared Tuna and Pasta

Take the tuna, 2 tablespoons of olive oil in a frying pan, get it real hot and sear the tuna. Serve on a bed of angel hair pasta w/ oregano from the herb garden and a simple salad of greens and sliced carrots. I like to squeeze a lime onto the tuna as it cooks. I make it a buck a serving.

Submitted: 3/10/1999

Name: Jo Anne Slaven
E-mail: slaven rogerswave ca

Recipe Title: Tuna, Peas, and Pasta in white sauce

Mix up a batch of bechamel (white sauce). Toss in some cheese, and maybe a dash of cayenne pepper. Add a can of tuna, and peas, if you like them.

Mix this with the pasta or noodles of your choice, and serve with a salad.

Submitted: 3/10/1999

Name: Ravan Asteris
E-mail: ravan 2006 asteris org

Recipe Title: Kitchen Sink casserole

Ingredients: Rice, Beans, lentils, split peas, beef bouillon, barley, and water.

Rinse the items that need it. Soak the beans, lentils, split peas, and barley for several hours in cool water. After soaking, bring to a boil. Add rice and bouillon, reduce heat, and cook for 20 to 40 minutes, depending on taste.

This can be a soup, or a casserole - it's sort of in between, depending on how much liquid you use.

Submitted: 3/10/1999

Name: Ravan Asteris
E-mail: ravan2006 asteris org

Recipe Title: Ham & Beans

Ingredients: Beans (pinto, red, or black), a canned ham, water, salt, spices.

Rinse, sort (for rocks & such) and then soak your beans overnight.
In the morning, start heating them (a solar cooker, or an intermittently on stove works fine.)
Add water and salt as needed.
When evening comes, turn on the heat full and bring to a boil.
Add chopped canned ham (or even Spam!), and maybe garlic and onions, to taste.
Cook down until thick, and serve with bread or rolls.

Submitted: 3/12/1999

Name: Cipher
E-mail: cipher mindspring com

Recipe Title: Mini Chocolate Cakes

2 cups self rising flour
1/2 cup shortening
1/4 cup cocoa powder
1 cup water
3/4 cup sugar

Cut the shortening into the flour as you would for regular biscuits. Add all remaining ingredients and mix well.

Spoon out onto a covered pan and cook over heat source until done. Toothpick in the center trick.

Keep it fairly well off the heat, a slow cook does best.

Makes 12 big fluffy cakes.

Submitted: 3/16/1999

Name: Max Dixon
E-mail: Max.Dixon gte net

Recipe Title: Creamy Green Beans

can of french-cut green beans
can of Cream of Chicken soup
1/4 cup dehydrated onions
1/4 cup bacon-flavored TVP
a little pepper and garlic

Drain the liquid from the green beans into a pan, add onions, TVP, pepper and garlic; cover and simmer for 10-15 min. Add soup slowly, stirring it into the liquid; add water as necessary to obtain the consistency of thick gravy. Add green beans and heat through. Served with bread, feeds two people.

Submitted: 3/23/1999

Name: Laurane
E-mail: familyties rttinc com

Recipe Title: Curried Beef and Rice

Can of Campbells Ready to Eat Potato and Beefsteak Soup...do not add water!

Spice with curry powder, add dehydrated onions, pepper if desired and serve over a bed of rice. The hotter the better. 

Submitted: 3/23/1999

Name: urth
E-mail: urthmomma aol com

Recipe Title: Lipton Bulghur ala Roadkill

1 pint home canned fresh roadkill ( may substitute home canned pork, ground beef, rabbit or chicken)
broth drained from meat, plus enough water to make 3 cups liquid
 1 1/2 cups bulghurbr> 1 envelope Lipton Onion Soup Mix
teriyaki sauce or barbeque sauce
Louisiana Hot Sauce or Lan Chi
Drain broth from jar of canned meat. Add enough water to make 3 cups liquid. Add bulghur, Lipton Onion Soup mix and stir well. Bring to a boil,on campstove, solar oven,etc. and let simmer for half an hour. Add canned meat and simmer another 15 minutes, or until meat has steamed for 10 minutes. Diners may add teriyaki, barbeque, and/or hot sauce to taste. Serves 12 finicky kids or 2 or 3 hungry people.

Submitted: 5/26/1999

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